Acupuncture with a stream

  Εlectroacupuncture without needles is a modern and totally harmless method, which achieves its effects. Irritating the reflex points of the various organs and functions of the human body. So we can achieve balancing, relaxation and restoration of the various dysfunctions of the body.

Based on the needle-free electomobility?

  Electro-needlelessness is based on the principles of classical acupuncture. It is therefore related to the well-known Chinese healing method. In accordance with the philosophy of this method, the body is penetrated by the energy meridians. They are connected with all organs of the human body, but also with the environment. Let us not be surprised. It is enough to remember the function of breathing, which directly connects us with the surrounding space. It aims at balancing the body's energy status, the various electromagnetic and electric fields that exist and act on the body. In this way, we strive to balance the energy state of the organism. So that the whole body and its organs function properly and "compatible", both in relation to the internal environment and to the outside.

How is electrolessness applied without needles?

  The application of needleless PCs has special self-healing devices with the corresponding accessories. In this way, the specialist achieves the irritation of the human body's reflex points with a simple touch, without any jab. Not only do the H / B devices hurt, but many of them, which operate at a 10 Hz frequency, benefit not only by stimulating reflex points. But also with this frequency, because the whole universe is functioning at this frequency. So we drive the body into an internal balance, but also in harmony with the environment.

In what cases does electroblogging help?

  Needleless PCs help in various problems. Such as headaches, cervical syndrome, arthritis, allergies, emotional states, gastritis, gynecological problems, neuropathies, depressive phenomena, back pain, sciatica, etc. Electropuncture is also useful in cases of physical stimulation of athletes.

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Angeliki Kokeridou - Niarchou, N.D., MSc, Prof.
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