Advanced Homeopathy

  Homeopathic therapy is a holistic approach and, as a healing system, personally supports the individual. It treats man as a complete being which, beyond bodily symptoms, has emotions and thoughts. Undoubtedly, how we feel and think has an effect on our bodies. So if ten people visit the homeopathic with the same physical condition, it is most likely that each person will leave homeopathic treatment differently.

Homeopathy, as a therapeutic system, is governed by the following laws:

1. The vitality of the individual is the homeopathic guide for the choice of homeopathic medicine and its dynamism. Law of the same.

2. The totality of the symptoms of the individual resembles the homeopathic remedy to be administered. This means that the homeopathist records the individual's history and then locates homeopathic medicine in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia.

3. The Smallest Dose: Homeopathic preparations are made of materials from the natural environment and are safe without side effects due to their high dilution.

4. Homeopathy can be used alongside other medications such as conventional medicine, Chinese, Ayurvedic. The levels of the individual's health are changed after taking the homeopathic remedy, and accordingly homeopathic treatment should follow.

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Angeliki Kokeridou - Niarchou, N.D., MSc, Prof.
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