Clinical Hypnosis

  Clinical Hypnotherapy has undergone rapid and impressive growth in recent decades and is now one of the most popular, recognized and integrated forms of psychotherapy. Hypnosis is defined as a selective focusing state in which the mind is removed from everyday worries and occupations by reducing its attention to external stimuli.

  Hypnosis is a natural condition that can occur even without the formal submission by the therapist and aims to bring the individual into contact with the subconscious material in which there are all the necessary forces and sources for changes that lead the person being treated to self-development and self-consciousness. The basic principle of the treatment is that the forces and sources of support of the individual are within and not outside of it and the therapist provides the framework that will help the patient to come in contact with these sources for the ultimate purpose of self-support.

  So, during Hypnosis, man lets things happen through the subconscious mind instead of making them happen to the conscious. The aim of modern hypnotherapy is to mobilize the patient's inner potential and to highlight the sources of knowledge and strength at his disposal. The treatment focuses on the patient's inner experiences and experiences, having as his main concern the identification of coded emotions that were created at a very early age and are responsible for the symptoms caused to the individua.

  Biophysical Psychotherapy, being the most modern evolution of Subconscious therapies, refers to a short therapeutic approach addressed to all levels of human neurobiological, emotional, emotional, cognitive and behavioral functions. Thus, the ultimate goal of healing is by means of a holistic approach of man to revitalize and re-encode the emotional preferences of the person at a pre-eminent level.

  Clinical Hypnosis used as an autonomous psychotherapeutic method or in combination with other methods of psychotherapy is successfully applied to all psycho-emotional and psychophysiological disorders (excluding psychoses and personality disorders) having a particular effectiveness in cases of :

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • panic attacks
  • social anxiety - social phobia
  • compulsions - compulsions
  • phobias.

Also, Clinical Hypnosis - Biophysical Psychotherapy has important applications in the following mental health issues :

  • stop smoking
  • obesity
  • pain management
  • addressing body problems
  • relaxation and change focusing techniques
  • progressive muscle relaxation
  • systemic desensitization (phobias)
  • planning future activities
  • reinforcement of self-image, self-confidence and self-esteem.
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Angeliki Kokeridou - Niarchou, N.D., MSc, Prof.
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