Herb therapy

Herbal or Phytotherapy

  From antiquity to the present, herbs have played and play a vital role in the traditional medicine of many cultures. This knowledge was preserved and transmitted from generation to generation for millions of years and was used by antiquity doctors, Chiron Kentauro, Asclepius, Hippocrates, Galen and recorded in the 1st century AD. by Dioskouridis. Botanical therapy may seem anachronistic or even incomprehensible to us who live in modern Western society, but the alternative way of dealing with health care that it represents today still has the value it had 5000 years ago. Let's not forget that it is proven and successful. Besides, we all have a recipe from grandmothers or grandparents for cold or back pain. But let's see what herbal therapy does.

  It is the treatment of diseases with herbal medicines (plants or parts thereof) in the form of infusions and compresses, pills, syrups, and lotions. Herbal medicines act through a harmonious action of all the active principles that exist within them. They are considered less toxic than chemical pharmaceuticals. They are recommended for various illnesses, whether acute or chronic, particularly in individuals who require a "mild" treatment.

  Plant herbs are made from a variety of plant raw material - leaves, stems, roots, bark, etc. They usually contain many biologically active ingredients and are mainly used to treat mild or chronic annoyances (at least 1/4 of all conventional medicines contain some of the same ingredients, although typically in "purified" form). Herbs can be prepared in many ways using fresh or dried materials. Herbal preparations are also available in other forms, such as pills, capsules or powders, or even at denser concentrations (extracts, tinctures). They are applied locally to creams or ointments, for wetting fabrics to be used as compresses, or directly to the skin as a catwalk. Herbal preparations are not subject to specific regulations, so sometimes they are unpredictably strong. Some herbs may be toxic or carcinogenic, so all should be used under the supervision of a therapist familiar with phytotherapy, who will give the corresponding recipes. All these herbal remedies are are found in pharmacies or specialized herbal stores.

  We, while respecting the authentic Greek tradition, will try to revive the wisdom of our ancestors and use it for the treatment of incidents, in conjunction with proper nutrition and the vitality of the body in vitamins trace elements, amino acids, coenzymes, etc.

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