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  Athletic psychology studies athletes, their attitudes, and applies this knowledge in practice. Psychological skills in sport, as well as normal skills, can be cultivated to improve the performance of the athlete. These skills are the management of anxiety, stimulation, the development of self-confidence, the development of positive emotions, external and internal motives, the cultivation of self-control etc.

  For the development and cultivation of psychological skills, psychological techniques are used, which athletes must systematically practice, just as with their training. These techniques are mental imaging, relaxation techniques, self-discourse, goal setting, team cohesion, and attention and concentration.

  It is a false impression that athletic psychology is only addressed to high-level athletes. The development of psychological skills must be in parallel with the development of the normal athletic skills of the young athlete. The athlete the smaller is the better he practices and assimilates the psychological techniques in order to get better performance.

  The work of the sports psychologist is not limited to supporting the athlete. Athletic psychology has applications in general to the athletes' environment, such as coaches and parents. The coach who knows the principles of athletic psychology, better handles situations inside and outside training. Parents can also provide significant support by properly supporting the athlete's effort.

  According to the Hellenic Association of Athletic Psychology, the services that fall under the role of Sport Psychology Advisor are as follows:

  • Psychological support and counseling of athletes or sports teams
  • Psychological support and counseling for coaches and parents of athletes.
  • Psychological support and counseling in the context of exercise or nutrition programs.
  • Psychological support and counseling of athletes with special needs.
  • Psycho-diagnosis of athletes (with or without special needs) - interpretation of psycho-diagnosis results - definition of prognosis and definition of intervention methods.
  • Education / teaching of the cognitive subjects of all scientific areas of Sports Psychology.

Business - Professionals

  Employees in this very difficult period face a series of work and psychological challenges that they are required to cope with in order to be productive to the high demands of the work, as well as those working on their personal, family, and fellow issues.

  Occupational insecurity, prolonged hours, anxiety and pressure, create a severe stressful climate, causing work and existential anxiety, which in turn adversely affects the employee's psychology, behavior, performance, collegial relationships and relationships with its wider environment.

  It is scientifically proven that work-related anxiety can cause problems such as difficulty in making decisions, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt, loss of concentration, organic symptoms and accidents in accidents and injuries.

  Everyone's employees are valuable resources and they need special care in their entirety. Every business needs to turn to the emotional and human issues of its employees and put them in the same priority as the other strategic issues. Employees are not a mass, they all have the same needs. Every worker, regardless of his / her position, is different, has particular needs and responds differently to any problem or difficulty he / she encounters.

  The mental health and well-being of employees is very important for their proper balance and their support needs to be immediate, targeted and substantial.

  Our psychological and counseling support concerns a variety of interventions aimed at identifying, analyzing and improving the issues the employee faces, respecting his / her personality.

How can we help your business?

  • Psychological counseling is implemented through a dedicated and experienced team of psychologists and a network of trained and certified mental health professionals.

  • Together with the business, we record the difficulties and challenges they face to find the right psychological program.

  • The programs that are being implemented concern the Counseling and Support of Employees, the Promotion of Mental Health and Well-Being, the Management of Crises and Traumatic Events and they can be modified according to the requirements of the company.

  • The programs are targeted at employees and senior and senior executives, contributing to the improvement of teamwork, efficiency, creativity and a balance of personal and professional life. Beneficiaries may also be members of their families when need arises.

  • Our approach essentially contributes to the management of issues such as changes in the organization, changes in attitudes and beliefs of employees, avoidance of conflicts, mental and physical illnesses, stressful situations, social events of personal and family life, etc.

  • Key factors in delivering psychological and counseling programs are the trust that is developed with the organization's management and the assessment of support through the benefits of the beneficiaries themselves.

  • At the end of the program implementation, the whole process is evaluated for its effectiveness and evolution and a performance study of the investment is carried out.
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