Holistic Nutrition

What is?

  Counseling Holistic Nutrition addresses man and his nutritional issues as a whole. Its philosophy is based on the food and the beneficial properties of its ingredients, putting into practice Hippocrates' famous saying "Your medicine is your food and your food is your medicine".

  Thus it treats foods as "medicines", which in the right proportion, correct combination and good manufacturing can provide the organization with maximum use of its potential.

Benefits from Holistic Nutrition

Applying the holistic nutrition advice in practice, we can achieve:

  • protection against diseases of the digestive system
  • strengthening the defense system
  • improving physical fitness
  • weight control
  • well-being and psychosomatic balance.


  Physicopathy is a therapeutic approach that uses several and different methods to enhance the person so as to obtain the highest possible level of health. Physicopathic medicine draws inspiration from the healing traditions of many countries, including India (Ayurveda), China (Taoistic medicine) and Greece (Hippocratic and Galinic medicine). Seven basic principles or axioms characterize Physicopathic Medicine:

  • Above all, Do Not Damage
  • Nature has healing powers.
  • Identify and Heal the Cause.
  • He CREATED ALL the Person - Person.
  • The therapist is a teacher.
  • Prevention is the best treatment.
  • He has established health and a sense of vitality.

Natural physiotherapy (naturopathy) applies natural therapies and does not give drugs. It includes more than fasting, dietetics, hydrotherapy and exercises. Natural physiotherapy (Naturopathy) includes specific physical treatments such as homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal therapy. Also included are modern methods of bio-coordination.
  Technological development, environmental pollution on the planet, poor nutrition and stress (stress) play an important role in the degradation of our health.

  The Physicist sees man as a holistic unity of body, intellect, and spirit. Physicopathy is a university-level science and has the subject of alternative health education, does not make diagnoses of atrocities, nor does it give drugs, uses alternative physical and alcoholic approaches to health. As Hippocrates said, the sick is a single psychosomatic entity and the disease is governed by natural laws. According to Hippocrates, the physician assists the healing power of nature and so the patient is treated with a completely different view.

  The physicist uses a range of alternative methods. It can often successfully detect a predisposition of the body before the onset of an acute illness and provide the appropriate treatment as well as a change in the vital habits of the individual.

Herbal medicine

  In recent years, herbal therapy has come back to the forefront and the preference of scientists and audiences. This return has also contributed to the fact that much of the modern medicine comes from plants. Over 25% of the medicines currently available to us come from herbs.

  Known since ancient times was herbal therapy, if one considers that findings dating back 60,000 years ago indicate the use of herbs for ritual purposes.

  Herbal or phytotherapy refers to the use of seeds, roots, trunk, leaves and plant blossoms for therapeutic purposes and has a long tradition of use outside the boundaries of conventional medicine. In recent years, however, thanks to improvements in analysis and quality control, and the progress of clinical research, we are now confident of their value in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

  Recently, the World Health Organization has estimated 80% of people around the world rely on herbal formulations to tackle microbubbles related to primary health care, while in Germany about 70% of doctors prescribe herbal medicinal products. It is therefore obvious that therapeutic use of herbs is not only yesterday but also today and tomorrow of Medicine.

  What situations can be treated with herbs? The crowd is big! From asthma and eczema, premenstrual syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis, to migraines, chronic fatigue and irritable bowel. Herbs can also help people who suffer from sleep and mood disorders and contribute to mental health and well-being.

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